Outstanding Speed

Prima is the fastest Magento theme on ThemeForest!

Outstanding Speed

Prima have numerous features improving the speed of Magento greatly

  • All CSS and JS files are combined and minified automatically
  • All the non dynamic blocks (such as the MegaMenu, Revolution Slider, The footer, The product carousels) are cached and the HTML is minified
  • All the product carousels have lazyload feature to postpone the load of the images
  • Extensive use of AJAX allows parts of the website to be loaded later, when needed
  • Backend control for the image compression level. Choose between speed and image quality.

Check here the Pingdom.com test

With time for the first bite at ~160 milliseconds and full page load time at ~600 milliseconds, Prima is faster than any other Magento theme on ThemeForest! Nobody loves slow websites, especially when it comes to e-commerce.